Training Dates

2020 Building Trades training program dates:

  • Jan 13
  • Mar 30
  • Jun 15
  • Aug 31


If you have been laid off and/or are receiving Employment Insurance, are receiving Ontario Works, or are a person with a disability, you may qualify for funding for tuition and necessary equipment to complete the skills training course. 



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“I just wanted to thank you [ALN] for your help with everything. 

Once I was able to actually begin work as a security guard, the last year has gone very well. I have just taken over as the security supervisor for my building, and a little over a year ago I would have never thought that I would enjoy such success returning to the workforce.” - Chris D.


I was not working before I became a student at ALN but I had previous experience in construction. I wanted to  change my career; that’s why I decided to apply to the Building Maintenance & Repair program. I heard about the program through word of mouth. When I went to the orientation session, I liked the professionalism and the services that ALN offered.

My experience at ALN was great; the instruction of the program was excellent. I would highly recommend the program to people who are interested. “

T. O.


I was unemployed and nearly suicidally depressed before I came to Ability Learning Network. I had no outlook and no focus. I heard about ALN from ODSP. I decided to come to ALN because I needed a second shot at life, a chance to redeem myself in my own eyes.I screwed up in University and made some pretty poor choices. My long-term goals at this point as plain and mundane as this may sound, is just to stay employed to show myself I can just keep a job for more than a year or two. Eventually I would like to get a regular Monday – Friday Job. The people at ALN are dedicated, not just towards being able to get clients a job, but are also able to understand people with disabilities; Asperger syndrome in my case, and help them succeed by understanding themselves. They truly care and want their clients to succeed. I would recommend that anyone who likes 'behind the scenes' to take this course, it is a perfect job for people with Aspergers.I am happy to say that as a result of the Building Maintenance course, I got a job at Windermere United Church and using the experience of the autism specialist at ALN and the coaching support from the lead instructor for the Building Maintenance Course have been factors attributing to my success.I have to say my overall experience with this program  has been quite positive and I would strongly recommend that for someone interested in this type of work, they give it a shot.



This is regarding a program I was part of that I started in 2010.  Before the program, I was having difficulty finding a job due to my disability and limited skills. I was referred to ALN where I met an employment counsellor named Debbie Seery who through the training I was given, helped me with talking to large crowds and learning about conflict resolution. They showed me how to get the job and keep it. The jobs they found for me were Home Depot, Marcellos and they’ve given me onsite support. Though it was difficult they supported me, helped me by giving me the tools I needed to work in the place of employment. They were also very patient because I wasn’t the easiest person to take direction. There were times that I was down and depressed because I wasn’t getting anywhere. They also teach me how to go on an interview with their one on one training mock interviews, Thanks to them I’ve been gainfully employed for a year and a half with highland farms and Debbie does come from time to time to check on me and to see how I’m doing. She’s been a god send and who’s always there when I needed her. I would highly recommend the program to anybody else who has a disability.



ALN has been very supportive and helpful with finding me work and updating my computer skills.

Donald F.


I started attending ALN, in June 2012, a little over a year after qualifying for ODSP. Several years ago I was diagnosed with ADD as well as learning disability and this discovery/diagnosis explains many problems  and certain failures that I had during many years of working. When I started at ALN I wanted to get back to work in order to earn money and have a social purpose but I “could not get myself back on the horse”. I was just too scared of repeating my recurring lifetime experiences of doing well in the job interview and getting hired but subsequently due to the problems I would encounter several months into the position, I would eventually get fired. I just dreaded going through the experience of “being let go” again. 

At ALN Debbie and the team worked with me both in a classroom setting as well as individually on some of my problems, i.e. punctuality, awareness, social and communication skills. Debbie and the team also spent a great deal of time explaining, clarifying and STRESSING what is and what it not acceptable in the workplace (areas they did not teach us in school). I “got my feet wet” by going once a week for an hour each week for several months to a Loblaws store to collect and organize their shopping carts. Psychologically, this was a major step forward in preparing me to re-enter the work force. This was done as part of the ALN job preparation program.This experience was very useful several months later, when I was hired to do similar work, on a part-time basis, by another Loblaws store in November 2012. This ALN training helped me to “hit the ground running” as a new employee at Loblaws. It was also very helpful after I was hired that Debbie or one of her colleagues were always available to answer questions that I had but was Not sure if my questions were important enough to ask my (busy) boss. As well, they were in touch with my boss on a regular basis to monitor my progress and give me very valuable feedback.While there were and are occasional challenges, I am proud that I made it through the 3-month probation period and today I feel the satisfaction that I am good at what I’m doing at work. Prior to coming to ALN , I was unsure of which direction to take and how to get back into employment but since working with Debbie and ALN, my confidence has increased and now I work independently in a job that currently gives me an average of about 20 hours each week.



I heard about this program from a social worker at TESS. Even though I have prior work experience as a cleaner and superintendent, I decided to apply to this training program because I wanted to experience more detailed and specialized training. My long term career goal is to do work in Building Maintenance and taking this course helped to provide me with the skills to achieve it. I think that the services at ALN are outstanding and I am very pleased with the training and education that I’ve received. I would highly recommend this program to those who have interest in the course.”

James A.



Since February 8, 2012. I have worked with the Ability Learning Network. Abbi Logan who is my job developer has played a huge role with objectives pursuing gainful employment. She has given me countless hours of support and referrals, which is fundamental. Having a progressive agency like ALN and their staff instrumental in these difficult times, trying to achieve and obtain a meaningful career placement is more than I or any reasonable client could ever expect.

E. H.


Originally I had difficulty in finding a job and lacked the confidence to approach employers. ALN helped me update my resume and after just two visits suggested I attend a job fair that ALN were sponsoring. Debbie appeared to have a very good working relationship with one of the employers at the job fair which resulted in me successfully getting a job after months of trying by myself.

Thanks ALN, Debbie and Abbi ------